Photo Booking Rates and Terms
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$900 Half Day

$1500 Full Day

(make up additional)




On location in LA, at the beach, in the gym.

Desert and mountain locations in SoCal and Las Vegas

Full day rate, plus make-up - CONTACT for an exact quote

Food, mileage, lodging, permit fees extra


Models can work with their own make-up artist, or I can book one of my regulars.

Models put down a 50% deposit when booking a shoot, refundable it cancellation is at least a week before the scheduled session.


SPECIAL: Inquire about shooting artistic nudes and
getting full day session for half day price!


For general bookings, I deliver web-ready, color corrected low-res files to the client. These can be used for the client's website, social networking and promotion/publicity.

I obtain non-commercial releases from models that allow magazines and other publishers to use the photos for editorial purposes only. The release also gives me a few commercial rights, such as publishing the photos in books, selling them as fine art prints or as groups of photos used for promotional posters and calendars for Bill Dobbins photography.

Photographer retains copyright of all images unless rights are signed over in writing in return for appropriate compensation.


Hi-resolution files are available for specific purposes at a cost of $25 each for processing and retouching. These photos can be used by the client for making 8X10s, model comps and other personal usage. Any commercial useage such as for magazines, posters, calendars or advertising requires consultation with the photographer. When in doubt, ask.


Commercial/advertising photo sessions are charged at a higher rate, to be determined by negotiation.


If two or more models books at the same time they each get a considerable discount and end up with almost as many photos. However, the cost for each of the make-up is the same, since the make-up artist has to do the same amount of work. Contact me to discuss.


The amount of nudity or partial nudity in the photos, how sexy or revealing they are, it totally up to the model in a booked shoot. However, please be certain of whatever choice you make in this matter. It can be a problem when models change their mind weeks, months or even years after the photo shoot. Remember, once the photos get on the Internet there is no calling them back.


I don't go for a certain number of "looks." I do as many photos as possible within the alloted time. One way to get the best possible number and variety of shots is to bring as much wardrobe as possible: bikinis, tops, shorts, hat, shoes, accessories and anything else you might want to use in a photo shoot. Quality of outfits doesn't necessarily matter. Only how they look in a photo. Cheap lingerie can often photograph as well as expensive underwear from Victoria's Secret. I once had a model get 4 outfits for $40 at Walmart while I was buying batteries. Anyone who wants to do a lot of photo sessions should keep shopping all the time - in bikini shops, second hand stores, on the Internet or anywhere else in order to have enough styling so that posing in the same outfits in more than one session isn't necessary. One model recently sent a box of wardrobe ahead to my studio via UPS to avoid the hassle and expense of traveling with a lot of luggage by air.

Info On Ordering Prints

Also - books from Blurb and iPhoto, eBooks and web slide shows with titles, "Ken Burns effects," and music.


In the past, being published in magazines was a major factor in successful self promotion. While magazines can still make a different, they have much less circlulation and importance as once was the case. Nowadays, physique models rely more on social networking (such as Facebook), their own websites and/or download pages - and being visible at expos such as those at the Olympia or the Arnold Weekend. There is no actual "career" available for fitness modeling. There is only what you can make happen in terms of marketing yourself.

The key to all of this is, of course, CONTENT. Having high quality and memorable photos to use for promotion and creating outstanding videos that publicize you or that you can earn income with from your own download page or services like Clips4Sale. And you won't get contest without arranging for photo and video shoots.

Now that we are in the age of digital photography, the cameras are so good that even a relatively newcomer to photography can produce some very pleasing images. And they do - resulting in many thousands of photos being uploaded every single day. This creates a lot of "noise." There are so many pictures out there, getting yours noticed becomes more and more difficult. A picture may be flattering and show the results of all your efforts in exercise and diet, but you have to ask yourself whether total strangers will be impressed enough to pay attention with so many images competing for their attention. Is it good enough to be a magazine cover? A poster? Would a major advertiser be interested in using it?

Obviously, you have to go with the best photos you have available. And really professional physique photographers are relatively rare. So do all you can to acquire as much content as you can - and do your best to make that content the best possible quality you can manage.


Women in bodybuilding, fitness, figure and physique - and fitness models as well - often ask me which photographers they should soot with - and on what terms. Any attractive woman at a contest or an expo is liable to be approched by lots of photographers wanting her to pose. So you have some choices to make.

If you don't have much content, you may want to shoot a lot trying to get more. But you need to work with photographers who are professional enough to deliver pictures that do you some good. You determine this by looking at their work - either in a print portfolio or online. Shoots like this are done on "trade" - that is, both you and the photographer get the use of the photos. If the photographer's work is good enough to be of some use to you, go ahead and work with him. But be certain you get the photos he promised you. Make a major point of making sure this happens.

If you are asked to shoot by a photographer who is not professional but wants to be around attractive models, charge him a fee. His photos will probably not be something you can use, so you need to be paid for your time. You can ask around what other women are charging, but certainly $200 and up would make sense to me.

If you want to get the best possible photos, you will need to pay a photographer to shoot them for you. In this case, you need to know that the photographer's work is good enough to warrant your paying him - or you might have something special in mind (a location, certain costumes, etc) and feel getting those images is worth paying for. Again, look at the work of photographers you don't already know are among the best and then decide. It is not a good idea to pay for photos that are no better than the ones you would get elsewhere for free.


I shoot a lot of nudes, including for display in fine art galleries and museums, and I can tell you that really serious, quality nudes are among the most difficult kinds of photos to create. Nudes are very different from "naked pictures." Just about every photographer loves to have a chance to photograph attractive women in the nude. Even the gay ones. But before you agree to do nudes you need to be very sure that the photographer you are working with actually knows how to do this kind of photo well. And, of course, that he/she is an ethical person who won't publish pictures that are more revealing that you agreed to do.

Again, check out a photographer's work and compare it to really good nudes you can fine on Google Images. Be SURE you are working with the right person. Because once the photo is done and published in the age of the Internet, there is no calling it back.