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Iron Butterflies- Iron Man, Nov 03

In the feature "Iron Butterflies" in it's November, 2003 issue Iron Man Magazine says my photos have been described as "erotic to aesthetic to shocking." Certainly, there are some erotic and aesthetic pictures in this pictorial but any regular visitors to my website would probably disagree that anything published in Iron Man is shocking. I do have some edgy and controversial photos in the subscriber areas of The Female Physique Webzine Gallery and The Female Physique Art Gallery but I suspect that - as interesting as the pictures they selected might be - Iron Man might be concerned about going "too far."But m y view is that you sell more copies of a magazine when it contains content that causes people to react more intensely - positively or negatively. Doesn't that make sense to you?

Check out the November 2003 issue and see what you think. Want to see photos in Iron Man that are even more "controversial" or is enough enough? Email the editors at Iron Man Feedback and let them know.

Bill Dobbins

Iron Man November, 2003 Samples




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