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Along with other photographers in the industry, I am constantly being asked by young women how they can become professional fitness models. The first thing I always explain is that there really isn't such a profession; there are simply a lot of women who get photographs published in magazines, a few who get hired for individual jobs to do advertising or appear at booths in expos and only a very few who actually make a living doing this kind of work. It pays to remember that there is a big difference between a career and just a series of jobs. Women like Monica Brant, Timea Majorova and Sherry Goggin who make a full time living from the industry are few and far between. However, their success shows that such a career is at least possible, but in order to have a chance to emulate their success you need to know at least something about how the industry works, what kind of work is available and when you need to make an effort to get photos taken when you are not being paid for them.

One successful model who has good advice is Brenda Kelly, who works constantly although she is over 40 (although who could know?). She has written some articles, published on her website, to help instruct prospective fitness models as to the best way to go about creating a career.

To read Brenda's insights on "Getting Recognized in the Fitness Industry," "How To Get Started In the Fitness Industry" and other articles as well, CLICK HERE.

Another valuable article women interested in becoming fitness models should read is "So You Want To Be A Fitness Model" by Will Brink. This piece covers such topics as whether you need to compete or not, the difference between the various physique federations, networking, how to get into the magazines and why this is important.

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"Making it" in the fitness industry is like becoming successful in acting or music - a lot more people want to do it than are going to be able to. But having at least some information about how the industry works at least gives you an edge in accomplishing a very difficult goal.